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We love sourcing new and exciting coffees from across the globe.  While experimenting and pushing the limits when it comes to flavour profiles, to bring out the very best in our coffee. Our X Specialty Series (X) focuses on the Specialty & Micro Lot coffees segment and are very limited quantity only so when they are gone they are gone. Subscribe to our community and receive notifications of new and exciting products and member only offerings.

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  • $16.99

    Origin: Costa Rica
    Region: Cajamarca, Peru, South America
    Variety: Catuai
    Process: Yellow Honey
    Elevation: 1750m

    Taste Profile: Yellow Apple, Golden Raisin, Sweet Honey
    Roast Level: Medium

    The Honey Process involves removing the seed from the coffee fruit, coffee is a fruit that grows like a cranberry, but leaving a portion of the mucilage behind. The amount of mucilage and the drying conditions determine the final outcome of the Honey Process that we define by the use of colours.

    The Yellow Honey is soft like a Yellow Apple. The sweetness is beautiful, full of Honey flavour and there is a lovely Golden Raisin note that makes this coffee shine.

  • Out of Stock

    Origin: Peru
    Region: Cajamarca, Peru, South America
    Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
    Process: Washed
    Elevation: 1850m

    Taste Profile: Green Apple, Toffee and Tamarind.
    Roast Level: Medium

    Peru Churupampa is a crisp, sweet, and very well-balanced coffee, medium roasted. It has tasting notes of green apple, toffee and tamarind.